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A couple of interesting notes on the explosion of blogs. As with any ‘bubble’, folks are already talking about the ‘burst’. My personal take is that Nick Denton isn’t getting ‘bearish on blogs’, he’s getting bearish on bad blogs as a revenue source. Blogs will continue to develop over time and integrate into every aspect of the web. However, as with any web site, content must be king. If you’re not writing better than the next guy, folks will get bored and leave.

For companies like Mr. Denton’s who are utilizing blogs as a revenue source, this means that every blog entry needs to be a killer. There’s a huge risk involved in gambling revenue for content – especially when there are billions of pages of content out there.

I don’t blog for the money (I wouldn’t eat if I did). Rather, I blog to communicate with friends, family, and other industry professionals. This is a place for me to share my thoughts and discuss other folks’ thoughts. It provides me with exposure and solicits feedback from those I respect.

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